Origin of table tennis game in the world

table tennis

There are many games around the world, each game has its own origin likewise table tennis also has its origin. The table tennis game is originated in England at the time of 19th centuries, people inverted this game to play after their dinner. Initially they used books instead of rackets and nets, two books used to hit the ball or Champaign cork and for net row of books placed in the middle of the table. Later the game became more popular among rich people so it made as professional game played using rackets. After a long period some professionals in locality came with the professional game named as table tennis.

The gameplay

The game can be played by two players on each side of a table or four players – two on each side of a table. Initially the player has to serve the low weighted ball to other while serving the ball should bounce twice on the table one on the table other across the net. Then game starts next coming moves will have only one bounce that across the net the player on other side should hit the ball for reserve. If the player fails to hit the ball then the player losses a point to opponent so the player must be fast enough to spin racket to hit back the ball. Likewise there will be 3 to 5 games the players has to get 11 points to defeat the opponent player with two points difference between each players.

Origin of table tennis game

Tips to win the game

The success cannot be predicted in the fast game like table tennis, winning the game is mainly depends on how the player approaches the ball and player’s speed in the game. Most of the people wants to win the game but player could not win the game due deficiency in the skill level. Here are some tips to win the game following these tips a player can win the game.

  • Initially the player has to learn to mix up serve because serving the ball is most important in the game so the player has to mix up all serves like long shots, medium short and short shot.
  • It is more important for the player to pay attention to the opponents move if it fails then the game would be tough to win.
  • While opponent serving the ball the player should keenly pay attention to the opponent player’s racket not on the ball.
  • The player should remain calm and cool till the last game if the player loses and play with tensed the chances for losing the game is high.
  • The players need to develop their skills like spinning speed, pre judge of opponent player’s move and serving speed.

All the above said tips are more essential to win the game, so the player can enjoy all benefits of the game. If you wish to improve you game it is so simple to follow all these tips.

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