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German army could recruit qualified EU citizens

German army

Every nation has an aim to secure its territory in all the possible ways. Germany has geared up for upgrading its military resources within the financial plan and fulfilling requirements about the increased safety of the nation on a regular basis. This country scrapped conscription subsequent to seven years of efforts. Defense chief of Germany revealed that employing EU citizens is one of the most suitable options to fill some expert posts in the German army.

Eberhard Zorn, army general inspector said that the overall forces had to concentrate on various things and understand the importance of solving the problem associated with the lack of well experienced personnel like IT doctors and medical professionals. A good investment in the armed forces does not fail to give the highest possible return for a long time.

Germany has a plan to maximize its military by 21000 within 2025. This country has also pledged to increase its budget for defense range from 1.2% to 1.5% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2024 while facing criticism from the U.S. President Donald Trump regarding its failure to meet the target of NATO for 2% of GDP

Ursula von der Leyen, Defense Minister said that the army employed 182000 uniformed soldiers with a notable rise of 6500 in two years. This number must reach 203000 within seven years. She also said that the German army nowadays make up of 12% women. One in three applicants for the German army this year was a woman.

Gen Zorn said that Bundeswehr requires personnel and ensures about the importance of the army to push hard to get an appropriate new generation. Though EU citizens in uniform are an option and required to be examined in specialist fields.

The media group said that the nation had consulted EU partners and cautiously reacted in particular in Eastern Europe.  According to the laws of the post-world war two, everyone in the German military has to be German. Hans-Peter Bartels, the commissioner for the armed forces in the parliament said that employing EU citizens was a kind of normality in recent years because many soldiers had an immigrant background and dual nationality.  The German military employed more than 900 foreigners in the civilian roles.

German army could recruit qualified EU citizens

The United Kingdom last month said that the maximum number of foreign nationals can be joined in its armed forces devoid of having lived in the nation. This decision is mainly because its requirements for fulfilling 8200 posts in three major categories namely soldiers, air personnel and sailors.

The main objective of the German army is to have 70% of its capacity to instantly fight for combat. On the other hand, recent reports reveal it is fall short. This is because only about a third of 97 advanced manufactured tanks, helicopters and a fighter jet was combat-ready. There is no large transport plane or submarine accessible for deployment at the end of the last year. Existing ships, helicopters and tanks in the German army are available in dramatically bad condition. The German army has to recruit for 21000 officer posts.

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