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Donald Trump finally fells to ceremony of meeting troops in harm’s way

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump had faced a lot of critics for not yet visiting the troops of US stationed in harm’s way as he comes upon his couple of year mark in the office. The former US President George W. Bush made 4 trips to Iraq and two trips to Afghanistan as the official trips. The last US President Barack Obama made only one trip to Iraq and 4 trips to Afghanistan.

But today’s United States President Donald Trump once spoke out that it was not highly necessary for him to visit such troops in abroad danger zones. But with the lights of the Air Force One Out and also the window shutters drawn, Trump just did that and slipping into Iraq at the night time to greet the service members of United States. Similarly, it also shows that the norm busting presidency of trump would fell at least to this tradition.

Addressing such US troops at the air base in the western region of Iraq on Wednesday, Donald Trump protected his decision to pull the various forces from the neighboring Syria. His appraisal is actually at the odds with that of the officials from military, allies and also aides who consider the IS weaken but deadly force. The defence secretary of the current president and representative to the anti-IS union quit after Trump blindsided more of the establishment of national security with his call.

Such trips handled by the Barack Obama and George W. Bush are typically unannounced and also the subject of the extreme security. Trump’s trips were not having any exception as he coursed overnight from Washington and spend more than 3 hours on the ground. He also stopped at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany for refilling the fuels and also to address the service members in the shed there before leaving.

Trump already told his audience in Iraq country that the decision to roughly withdraw the 2,000 troops from Syria shown his quest to put US first. According to the recent trump’s statement he told that we are no longer the humans and suckers about 100 miles or 60 km west of Baghdad. He also told that we are respected again as the nation.

He actually didn’t meet the officials in Iraqi but while there spoke on the phone with the PM of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi. This trip comes to provoke the sensitivities about the constant presence of the US forces in Iraq as the 2 major blocs in the parliament of the country destined the trip. This visit is also likening it to the abuse of the Iraqi sovereignty.

The air base where the president trump spoke is about 155 miles or 250 km from Hajin which is the Syrian town near the border of Iraq where the fighters of Kurdish are still fighting IS terrorists. Trump also said IS activists have been eliminated but the latest find is that IS troop still holds about 100 square km or 60 square miles of territory in the Syria region.

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